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To learn more about the ionic bond of alkali hydrides, see Chapter 18 in Volume 2 of the book.

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Alkali Hydrides

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Potassium Hydride (KH)

Book Figure

Alkali Hydrides (LiH, NaH, KH, RbH, and CsH)

Book Figure

(A) Lithium Hydride; (B) Sodium Hydride; (C) Potassium Hydride; (D) Potassium Hydrino (1/4) Hydride

Calculated and experimental values for the ion separation distances and lattice energies for the ionic bond of hydrides of lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium and cesium. Calculations are made from exact, closed-form equations containing physical constants only.

Ion Separation Distance (10-10m) Lattice Energy (kJ/mol)
Calc. Exp. Calc. Exp.
Li 2.17 2.04 [1] 911.1 912.5 [1]
Na 2.33 2.44 [2] 864.3 845.7 [2]
K 2.86 2.85 [2] 729.4 741.9 [2]
Rb 2.99 3.02 [2] 704.3 705.9 [2]
Cs 3.24 3.19 [2] 656.6 646.7 [1]


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