Theory Presentation


The following slide shows with updated animations are available in PDF format. (These are large files which may take a while to load.)

Atomic Physics
GUT-CP model of the electron and the photon, used to solve atoms and their states and the subsequent closed-form solutions of the fundamental experiments of atomic physics.

Molecular Physics
The solution of the 26 parameters of hydrogen molecular ions and molecules from two basic equations, one to calculate geometric parameters and the other to calculate energies, and the extension of these results to solve the majority of the important functional groups of chemistry that serve as building blocks to give the exact solutions of the majority of possible molecules and compositions of matter.

Collective Phenomena, High Energy Physics & Cosmology
Collective phenomena such as statistical thermodynamics and superconductivity; nuclear physics; cosmological implications such as absolute space; the origin of gravity, particle masses, and large scale dynamics of the universe; and wave-particle duality.